Work with the best tech. Create world class customer experiences. Disrupt the industry.

You’ll be part of a bespoke scheme, driven by your passion for tech and appetite to learn. It’ll be fast paced and you’ll deliver meaningful work to help us to deliver on our ambitions.

We’ll give you the chance to develop your career, work with the best tech and be part of teams which include:

  • Front End (Working with React) 
  • Back End (Java, Go & Kubernetes)  
  • iOS and Android (Swift/Kotlin) 
  • Platform (Working with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) & Kubernetes) 
  • Automation Testing (Frontend/Backend/Performance) 
  • Observability and Site Reliability (Grafana/Prometheus/ELK)

Whichever scheme you join, you'll work in a fast paced and innovative business, which is 100% cloud based, running our services in Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform.

You'll learn in a TDD environment as part of our multi-disciplinary squad structure. Working closely with Product Owners, Designers and Analytics teams, you will be constantly engaging with our products to make sure our customers are given the ultimate experience every time they use our platform

Being an Oddschecker Technology Graduate

“I came in as a junior and already feel that I’m four times the developer I was a few months ago”

Troy Maeder

What it takes to join the team

Ambition! We work in a fast paced and exciting environment, so are looking for graduates who want to take charge of their career, are self-motivated and challenge the status quo.

  • Your background could be in any of the following:
  • Computer Science (please note that this background is essential for DevOps applicants!)
  • STEM degree, with a real passion for programming
  • Creative; if you’ve done a music degree with a special focus on technology, this scheme is also for you!

A passion for sport is imperative, but knowledge of betting and gambling sector can be developed and will be key aspect of your induction and ongoing learning.

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